Bailout Headlines

Treasury Retains Locke Lord for TARP Work

[BLT: Blog of the Legal Times, 2.18.09]

Distressed Homeowners Get New Options in Plan

[Wall Street Journal, 2.17.09]

Soup-Kitchen Accounting

[New York Times, 2.17.09]

OPINION (James Deitrick and Michael Granof)

GM Seeks $16.6 Billion More in U.S. Aid

[Wall Street Journal, 2.17.09]

More than 50 banks get TARP funds

[BailoutSleuth, 2.17.09]

The Bailout Is Robbing the Banks

[New York Times, 2.17.09]

OPINION (John C. Coates and David S. Scharfstein)

Update on TARP contracts

[BailoutSleuth, 2.13.09]

Facing Oversight, Banks Go on Offense

[Washington Post, 2.11.09]