The latest materials produced by people and non-governmental organizations concerned with the financial bailout are gathered here. You will find tools, commentary, analysis, research, and investigations from our partner organizations and others.

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TARP Transaction Report: 1/15/10

Department of the Treasury

Updated report on transactions under the CPP.

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Fact Sheet: Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee

Description of the proposed tax, and how the levy will work; also includes a link to a practical example of how the fee will be calculated.

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Exiting TARP and Unwinding Its Impact on the Financial Markets

Congressional Oversight Panel

The Congressional Oversight Panel's January oversight report, "Exiting TARP and Unwinding Its Impact on the Financial Markets," finds that the repayment of TARP assistance represents only the first stage of exiting TARP. Even after repayments are complete, Treasury will hold a massive pool of assets, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, for several years to come. Managing these assets will present extraordinary challenges. Furthermore, any effective exit strategy must address the unwinding of the implicit guarantee created by TARP.

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CBO’s Budgetary Treatment of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

CBO Blog

Post describes the CBO's treatment of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac compared to the Administration's treatment of these entities, and the budgetary consequences of the diffenece.

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Section 105(a) Troubled Assets Relief Program Report To Congress For The Period October 6, 2009 to Novermber 30, 2009

Department of the Treasury

Report addresses actions taken by the Treasury Secretary and actual obligation and expenditure of the funds provided for administrative expenses, and includes detailed financial statements.

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