The latest materials produced by people and non-governmental organizations concerned with the financial bailout are gathered here. You will find tools, commentary, analysis, research, and investigations from our partner organizations and others.

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TROUBLED ASSET RELIEF PROGRAM: Continued Stewardship Needed as Treasury Develops Strategies for Monitoring and Divesting Financial Interests in Chrysler and GM

Government Accountability Office

This report addresses: steps Chrysler and GM have taken since December 2008 to reorganize;  Treasury's oversight of its financial interest in the companies; and considerations for Treasury in monitoring and selling its equity in the companies.

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Financial Stability Oversight Board Quarterly Report to Congress for the quarter ending September 30, 2009

Department of the Treasury

Reort includes discussion of oversight activities of the Financial Stability Oversight Board and the Oversight Board’s evaluation of the effects thus far of the policies and programs implemented by Treasury under TARP, and provides a more detailed description of the programs, policies, and administrative actions taken, and financial commitments entered into, by Treasury under TARP during the quarterly period.

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TARP Transactions Report: 10/28/2009

Department of the Treasury

Transaction report under the Capital Purchase Program (CPP); updated to include final disposition of Centerstate Banks of Florida Inc. CPP repayment.

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Dividends and Interest Report: September 2009

Department of the Treasury

Report on dividends and interest earned from purchases made using TARP funds.

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TARP Transactions Report: 10/23/2009

Department of the Treasury

Updated transaction report under the Capital Purchase Program (CPP).

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