About the Bailout Watch Project

OpenTheGovernment.org created BailoutWatch.net as a part of the Bailout Watch project.  The site is now maintained by OMB Watch as a repository for major reports on TARP and the economic bailout.

The Bailout Watch project is a collaborative effort to research, investigate, and analyze the federal government's bailout activities and publish resources and data for policymakers, the media, and interested citizens.  Bailout Watch draws upon the expertise and resources of the partner organizations to identify specific data that should be disclosed (and made available in an online, indexed, searchable format), research and investigate government decision-making processes related to the bailout, and provide analysis and commentary about the effectiveness of different bailout programs.

Core Organizations

Center for Economic and Policy Research

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) is committed to presenting economic and social issues in an accurate and understandable manner, so that the public is better prepared to choose among the various policy options.
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Economic Policy Institute

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) was created to broaden the discussion about economic policy to include the interests of low- and middle-income workers. The institute conducts original research according to strict standards of objectivity, and couples its findings with outreach and popular education.
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OMB Watch

OMB Watch exists to increase government transparency and accountability; to ensure sound, equitable regulatory and budgetary processes and policies; and to protect and promote active citizen participation in our democracy.
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OpenTheGovernment.org is a non-partisan coalition of consumer and good government groups, environmentalists, library groups, labor, journalists, and others united to make the federal government a more open place in order to make us safer, strengthen public trust in government, and support our democratic principles.
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Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) is an independent nonprofit that investigates and exposes corruption and other misconduct in order to achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and honest federal government.
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Taxpayers for Common Sense

Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) is an independent and non-partisan voice for taxpayers working to increase transparency and expose and eliminate wasteful and corrupt subsidies, earmarks, and corporate welfare.
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